Monday, April 25, 2011

Plus Size Cosplay Press group and Convention Schedule~

~Maiko here!
I was wondering if anyone was up for having a plus size cosplay press group that would go around to southern cons, maybe some northern ones and have in person interviews with some cosplayers and also have a small photoshoots. Maybe if possible, we can host panels and small events?~

Anyway, I've been meaning to come up with new questions for some interviews for the blog but I've been having alot of writers block.. But, I'll write them over spring break~ I'll be putting up my convention schedule and available times for interviews and stuff. I won't be doing Photoshoots till the fall because I have to much stuff on my plate as is.

Convention Schedule 2011( Ones in bold are confirmed, Italicized are still maybe):

  • A-kon 22 (June 10- 12) 
  • MechaCon (August 26 -28)
  • AWA (September 30th - October 2)
  • AnimeUSA ( November 18 - 20)

I'm also looking for suggestions on a official logo for the blog and group, so send me some emails or leave a comment~


  1. I may be interested in assisting with a group at southern cons.

  2. Sorry for the late reply! And that would be awesome if you do~

  3. I'm a Brazilian plus size cosplayer and I loved this blog!!
    Very good job Girls!!

  4. Wow, I read that and I have to say I love it! I have cosplay a year now and I know how it feels to be that person that is the plus size and like go to cons seeing everyone and what not but I would do it, I would join the crew for AWA

    I hope this works and what not, but here is one of my many emails.
    I hope to hear from you :)