Saturday, March 26, 2011


I had the pleasure of Interviewing a fellow Louisianan cosplayer as the first plus size cosplayer for the blog! I was super happy to have her share what she thought and she felt about being apart of the the plus size fandom!

Q. What are the pro’s and con’s being a plus size cosplayer?

A. Pros - Despite not being the right body type for a character. I try my hardest to make my costumes, make up, and corseting to look as fabulous as possible! It's something I think has made me grow. 
Cons - There are certain cosplays / crossplays that I would love to do, but I feel I just wouldn't look right for the part. No matter how hard I would try it would just look strange to me. So there have been a few times I have stepped back from a project I would like to do. 

Q. What can you say, was the best experience you’ve ever had at a con?

A. I have been going to conventions for the past ten years. And in those last ten years I have won four awards. Judges choice 2007 Oni con, Best Craftsmanship Mechacon 2009, Louisianime Cosplay ball 2010, and Best in Show Louisianime 2010. Each time it felt amazing. but knowing that my cosplay partner and I did our best and pulled through. Neither of us are skinny or stunningly beautiful. So being acknowledged for our hard work is pretty awesome.

Q. Do you have any dream cosplays that you want/will do in the future?

A.Takuto Tsunashi - Star Driver
Princess Sakura - White dress from artwork.
QB - Magical Girl Madoka
Hibiya - Durarara
And the list goes on….

Q. What do you feel is the hardest thing to do as a plus size cosplayer?

A. Trying not to get frustrated. Whither it is putting on a costume, and it not quite fitting right, but I think that is something allot of people go through. 

Q. Have you ever heard or read any rude comments made against/towards you or your cosplays?

A. I have. Once, but it was mostly focused at our group of cosplays, and not me particularly. 
Q. Is there any advice regarding other aspiring plus cosplayer out there that may be scared to cosplay because of their weight?

A. Be confident, and don't worry about what other people think. You are you, and if you want to cosplay, and feel you have the passion for it. Then just do it. If you get ugly looks. Then just do the “haters gonna hate!” strut.

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  1. Me and a Few of my friends are goiing be doing a Plus Sized Fashion Show/Panel during Izumicon in Midwest City OK this year as well