Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cynthia Leigh

I was really excited when Cynthia asked if I could interview her * ~ * She's always been a secret role model for me since I met her on a Louisiana cosplay group page. She's a very humble person with incredible knowledge about the entertainment industry!

Q. What are the pro’s and con’s being a plus size cosplayer?

A. Pros--Hour-glass figures, corseted, heavily armored/padded, or a more top heavy (like Lulu from Final Fantasy X) are an option. 
Cons--I'll never get to do cosplays that are more revealing (bikini-style) as my body type simply isn't suited for that. 

Q. What can you say, was the best experience you’ve ever had at a con?

A. My favorite experience has actually been at an industry convention, NCTA 2004. I got to be Rabi-en-Rose for Anime Network as part of their company launch and got a lot of awesome swag from them and the other channels there. 

Q. Do you have any dream cosplays that you want/will do in the future?

A. There's always cosplays and costumes that I want to do, but time is a huge restriction for me now. I want to continue to hone my craft so that I can bring better stuff out there. I'll get to do all the ones I really love in time.

Q. What do you feel is the hardest thing to do as a plus size cosplayer?

A. Tailoring. The more curves you have the harder it is to get something to hang/drape properly. Often patterns cut to "my size" are too lose when I put them on a dress form when dialed for my corseted size, so I often have to re-cut and sew as often the patterns are also "too long" for my 5'5 frame.

Q. Have you ever heard or read any rude comments made against/towards you or your cosplays?

A. I stopped caring about that years ago, trolls are going to say whatever they want to. I only pay attention to constructive criticism from industry professionals now. (Models, Acting Coaches, Casting Directors, Agents, etc.) What they say can actually benefit my career; while "you're fat," really just states the obvious.

Q. Is there any advice regarding other aspiring plus cosplayers out there that may be scared to cosplay because of their weight?

A. Beauty, brains, and talent have never been size exclusive. Don't let other people or their opinions dictate your life. Cosplay helped me get to where I am in the entertainment industry by getting me interested in modeling, photography, and acting. Things I would've never of pursued had I not started this hobby.

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