Saturday, March 26, 2011


Q. What are the pro’s and con’s being a plus size cosplayer?

A. The pro's of being a plus size cosplayer would have to be being able to be larger characters and having natural assets. The cons would be how expensive it is to do a costume because of your size whether you are making or buying. There are some costumes that plus size cosplayers have no business in wearing. So, another con would be not all costumes are made equal, not everyone can pull off a dead or alive beach volleyball bikini for instance.

Q. What can you say, was the best experience you’ve ever had at a con?

A. My best experience was back in AWA 06 when I was Noriko Nakagawa from battle royale. People would stop my friend and me for pictures. Made me feel like a celebrity. Felt proud since we made the skirts and dyed the jackets. 

Q. Do you have any dream cosplays that you want/will do in the future?

A. Dream cosplay. Definately Aisha Clan Clan from outlaw star. I loved that series but definately loved her! I haven't done any dark or black people yet. So I definately gotta get on that. More realistically will be Chrono from Chrono Crusade someday. I've been thinking of Seras Victoria from Hellsing for next year. Yea I'm all over the place. 

Q. What do you feel is the hardest thing to do as a plus size cosplayer?

A. The hardest thing for me is finding my size. Most patterns don't go up to my size. 

Q. Have you ever heard or read any rude comments made against/towards you or your cosplays? 

A.No not to my knowledge. Regular people tend to be pretty evil when I'm in my blonde wig for Millie when we went to restaurants. But I usually pick sensible costumes that I can work it.
Q. Is there any advice regarding other aspiring plus cosplayers out there that may be scared to cosplay because of their weight?

A.You really shouldn't care what others think. I do it to show my love for the characters. You were made this way for a reason. Why not show it off with some cool looking cosplays!

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